Unraveling the Mystique : Breakfast at Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something Lyrics

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The lyrics to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something Lyrics” tell the story of a couple who are trying to find common ground despite their differences. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it a timeless classic.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a popular song by the american alternative rock band, deep blue something. The song was released in 1995 as the lead single from their album “home. ” It was a major hit, reaching the top five in the us and the uk.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a couple who are struggling to find common ground in their relationship. The narrator suggests that they try to salvage their relationship by watching the classic movie “breakfast at tiffany’s” together. Despite the song’s melancholic tone, it is widely regarded as a catchy and timeless classic.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Deep Blue Something Lyrics
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something Lyrics

The History Of Breakfast At Tiffany’S And Its Lyrics

The Background On Breakfast At Tiffany’S

Breakfast at tiffany’s is a romantic comedy film that was released in 1961, directed by blake edwards and starred audrey hepburn. The movie is based on a novella of the same name by truman capote, which was published in 1958.

The title of the movie is derived from the opening scene, where the main character is seen standing outside the famous tiffany & co. Jewelry store in new york city while eating a danish pastry and drinking coffee. The song, “breakfast at tiffany’s” was not written specifically for the movie, but it became popular because of its appearance on the film’s soundtrack.

The Evolution Of The Song And Its Impact

“breakfast at tiffany’s” is a song by deep blue something, an american rock band, which was released in 1995. The song remained in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100 for several weeks, peaking at number five. The success of the song was largely due to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, which resonated with audiences around the world.

The song’s success helped to bring the band to the forefront of the music scene, and it is often considered to be their signature song.

Overview Of The Lyrics And Their Meaning

The lyrics of “breakfast at tiffany’s” describe a conversation between two former lovers who are trying to find common ground to rekindle their relationship. The song’s title refers to a shared interest between the couple, who used to watch the movie and take walks together.

The lyrics suggest a deep level of compatibility between the two, despite the fact that they have had their fair share of disagreements. Overall, the song is a reflection on the power of shared experiences and the importance of finding common ground in a relationship.

Analysis Of The Lyrics

Breakfast at tiffany’s, written by todd pipes and performed by deep blue something, is a timeless love song that continues to captivate music lovers today. In this section, we will dive into the lyrics’ analysis and explore the deeper themes and meanings behind the song.

Interpretation Of The Enigmatic Opening Lines

In the first lines of the song, the narrator admits to having never seen the movie breakfast at tiffany’s, which is what he and his lover had bonded over. This statement sets the tone for the rest of the song, highlighting the struggles of a relationship that may have been based on a superficial connection.

The use of this movie title was intentional and fitting, as the movie itself plays with themes of superficiality and the search for deeper meaning.

Exploration Of The Relationship Between The Main Characters

The lyrics paint a picture of two people who are struggling to keep their relationship alive. The main characters differ in their priorities and interests, but they both share a deep commitment to making their love work. Lines such as “i’ll be what you want.

. . just tell me what you want” and “we both know what they say about us, but they don’t stand a chance” capture this sentiment perfectly. The couple knows that others disapprove of their relationship, but they are willing to stick it out together.

Deeper Meanings Within The Lyrics And Themes Explored

The lyrics tackle a variety of themes, including love, perseverance, and the struggle to find meaning in life. One of the most profound themes explored in the song is the idea that even in the face of adversity, love can provide a sense of purpose and understanding.

Additionally, the song touches on the idea of the search for a deeper meaning in life, and how that search can sometimes lead to superficial connections. The lyrics’ clever use of the breakfast at tiffany’s reference shows how the search for meaning can often lead to a temporary connection, without any real substance or depth.

Breakfast at tiffany’s is not just a catchy love song but a poignant commentary on the human condition. The lyrics, filled with hidden meaning and clever references, examine the complexities of relationships and the search for deeper meaning in life.

It is no wonder that this song continues to resonate with music lovers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something Lyrics

What Is Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something?

Breakfast at tiffany’s is a popular song released by the american rock band deep blue something in 1995. It tells a story of a guy who’s trying to get over a break-up by watching “breakfast at tiffany’s” with his ex-girlfriend.

Who Wrote The Song Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something?

Breakfast at tiffany’s was written by todd pipes, the lead singer of deep blue something. It’s one of their most popular songs and has been the band’s signature hit throughout their career.

What Inspired The Song Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something?

The song was inspired by the relationship troubles of todd pipes, the lead singer of deep blue something. Pipes and his girlfriend had broken up, and he was trying to win her back by watching “breakfast at tiffany’s”. The song captures the bittersweet nostalgia of a past relationship.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Lyrics Of Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something?

The lyrics of breakfast at tiffany’s are about clinging to memories of a past relationship. The protagonist is trying to move on from a break-up, but he can’t help remembering the good times they shared, such as watching the classic movie.

The song highlights the nostalgia we feel for past relationships, even when they didn’t work out.

Is Breakfast At Tiffany’S Deep Blue Something A Sad Song?

Breakfast at tiffany’s has a bittersweet tone, but it’s not a sad song. The melody is catchy and upbeat, and the lyrics capture the wistful longing we sometimes feel for past relationships. The song is a nostalgic tribute to a lost love, but it’s also a celebration of the memories we cherish.


After thoroughly examining the lyrics of “breakfast at tiffany’s” by deep blue something, it’s clear that the song is more than just a catchy tune. The lyrics explore themes of nostalgia, regret, and the fleeting nature of relationships. The line “we both kinda liked it” is especially poignant, as it highlights the bittersweet nature of memories.

The song’s popularity is a testament to its relatability, as nearly everyone has experienced a relationship that didn’t quite work out. As seo friendly content writers, we must remember that great content is not just about using the right keywords; it’s about creating content that connects with the reader.

With its relatable lyrics and catchy melody, “breakfast at tiffany’s” continues to resonate with audiences over two decades after its release. As we move forward in modern day seo practices, we must not forget the power of meaningful content that resonates with our target audience.


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