Cannon Beach Breakfast: Savor the Best Coastal Delights

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Cannon beach offers a range of breakfast options from classic american diner food to locally sourced pacific northwest cuisine. Visitors to cannon beach, a picturesque coastal town located in oregon, are in for a treat when it comes to breakfast options.

From classic american diners like pig ‘n pancake to local favorites like the lazy susan cafe and the cannon beach cafe, the options are plenty. For those seeking a healthier breakfast option, sweet basil’s cafe and the sleepy monk coffee roasters cafe offer fresh, locally sourced food.

The wayfarer restaurant and lounge provides a rustic and cozy atmosphere with a menu featuring pacific northwest cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, cannon beach has something for everyone.

Cannon Beach Breakfast: Savor the Best Coastal Delights

Exploring The Best Cannon Beach Breakfast

The Lazy Susan Cafe: Offering Delicious Breakfast Options, Including The Famous Giant Cinnamon Roll.

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to start your day with some delicious breakfast, then you definitely need to check out the lazy susan cafe. Here are some key points that make it one of the best breakfast spots in cannon beach:

  • They offer a variety of breakfast dishes to please every palate, from classic bacon and eggs to vegetarian options such as the vegetable frittata.
  • Their giant cinnamon roll is a must-try for any breakfast enthusiast. Be warned: It’s huge but incredibly yummy!
  • Both indoor and outdoor seating options are available, so you can choose which atmosphere suits your mood.
  • The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Sweet Basil’S Cafe: Known For Coastal-Inspired Dishes And A Popular Outdoor Seating Area.

Sweet basil’s cafe is another fantastic breakfast option in cannon beach, known for its coastal-inspired dishes and lovely outdoor seating area. Here’s what to expect:

  • Their menu features a variety of dishes, with tasty seafood options such as the crab cake benedict or the smoked salmon scramble.
  • The outdoor seating area offers a beautiful view of the ocean, making it a great spot to enjoy breakfast on a sunny day.
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available, making it an inclusive dining experience for all.
  • The cafe sources ingredients locally, ensuring everything is fresh and of the highest quality.

Insomnia Coffee Co.: A Cozy Spot With Both Sweet And Savory Breakfast Options.

If you’re in the mood for something cozy and relaxed, insomnia coffee co. is the spot. Known for its coffee, they also offer tasty breakfast options. Here’s what to look out for:

  • They have delicious sweet breakfast options like the french toast or savory options like the breakfast burrito.
  • The cafe has a cozy and chill atmosphere, perfect for lounging with friends or solo work.
  • The coffee is great here, made from locally roasted beans, so grab a cup with your breakfast.
  • They also have vegetarian and gluten-free breakfast options available.

The Perfect Morning Walk: Discovering The Hidden Gems Of Cannon Beach

Cannon beach breakfast: the perfect morning walk: discovering the hidden gems of cannon beach

Cannon beach is a charming coastal town with plenty of exciting activities for visitors to enjoy, and one such activity is a morning walk. While there are several fantastic walks to choose from, this blog post will focus on the perfect morning walk, which takes visitors to the hidden gems of cannon beach.

Strolling Along The Beach: Waking Up To Pristine Beaches And Exploring The Tide Pools.

  • Cannon beach is known for its pristine beaches that are perfect for morning strolls. A peaceful stroll along the shoreline is an excellent way to start the day, and visitors can take in the serene beauty of the beach and the nearby cliffs.
  • Walking along the beach in the morning also provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the tide pools. These pools are filled with treasures from the ocean, and visitors can see various kinds of marine life such as starfish, sea anemones, and crabs.

Hiking In Ecola State Park: Taking In Breathtaking Views Of The Coastline And Wildlife.

  • For those who love to hike, ecola state park is an excellent place to visit. The park offers several trails for visitors of different expertise levels, and each of them provides breathtaking views of the coastline and incredible wildlife sightings.
  • Visitors to the park will also have the chance to see elk, bald eagles, and other wildlife that call the forest home.

Exploring Haystack Rock: A Must-See Landmark That Can Be Experienced During Low Tide.

  • Haystack rock is cannon beach’s most famous landmark and must-visit attraction. Visitors can explore the rock when the tide is low, and it is a unique opportunity to see the marine life that calls it home.
  • From starfish and crabs to sea anemones and sea urchins, visitors can see plenty of creatures that are not visible at high tide. Watching the sunset over haystack rock is also a highlight of any cannon beach trip.

A morning walk is an excellent way to start a day in cannon beach. Visitors can explore the hidden gems of this charming coastal town by strolling along the pristine beaches, hiking in ecola state park, and exploring the unique haystack rock during low tide.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cannon Beach Breakfast

What Are Some Famous Breakfast Dishes In Cannon Beach?

Cannon beach offers a variety of breakfast dishes like pancakes, waffles, omelets, biscuits, and gravy. You can also try fresh pastries, muffins, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. Don’t miss out on the seafood specialties for breakfast!

Which Restaurants Serve Breakfast In Cannon Beach?

Some of the popular breakfast spots in cannon beach include the lazy susan cafe, sea level bakery+ coffee, wayfarer restaurant and lounge, and sleepy monk coffee roasters. You can also find many cozy cafes and bakeries serving breakfast.

Are There Any Gluten-Free Options For Breakfast In Cannon Beach?

Yes, many breakfast restaurants in cannon beach offer gluten-free options like gluten-free pancakes, waffles, toast, and pastries. You can check with the restaurant beforehand or look for gluten-free symbols on the menu to be sure.

What Is The Best Time To Have Breakfast In Cannon Beach?

The best time to have breakfast in cannon beach is early morning, around 7:00 to 9:00 am. Most breakfast restaurants close by 11:00 am or noon, so it’s better to plan accordingly. On weekends and holidays, it’s better to arrive early to avoid waiting in line.

Do I Need To Make Reservations For Breakfast In Cannon Beach?

It depends on the restaurant and the time of day. Some breakfast restaurants in cannon beach, especially during peak season, require reservations. It’s better to check with the restaurant beforehand or make a reservation to avoid waiting in line.


If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast spot in cannon beach, look no further than some of the fantastic restaurants in town. With a range of delicious options to choose from, you’ll find something to suit every taste and budget.

Breakfast is an essential meal, so why not make it a great one by indulging in some of the local delicacies? Whether it’s the fluffy pancakes or the perfectly brewed coffee, every bite will be worth it. The experience and the beautiful views are also part of the charm! So why not plan your next breakfast adventure in cannon beach and enjoy some of the best breakfast spots in town?

Your taste buds will thank you for it, and your entire day will start on the right foot.


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