How to decorate your small kitchen more beautifully? Know some useful tips

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How to decorate your small kitchen more beautifully? Know some useful tipsHow to decorate your small kitchen more beautifully? Beautiful kitchens can always make working in it easier and worth the pain. But in cities where space is an issue, getting a big kitchen to work in is very hard to find. It is impossible to spare a big space for the kitchen in the 750sq ft to 1500sq ft flats.

Most homemakers usually say “the kitchen is very small, it would be nice if it was a little bigger” or complain by saying “if one is working in a small kitchen, there is no space for the other to enter it”.

However, there are always ways and tips that would help you turn the small nest into a work-friendly kitchen.

The ideal size of a kitchen is 5ft by 5ft and they are usually of one galley design or of an L shape. The design you chose will depend on the space you have in the kitchen. If the kitchen has rectangular and liner space then one gallery is suitable for you. In this care, put the kitchen sink in a corner and keep a place for chopping by its side.

How to decorate your small kitchen more beautifully?

Placing the stove on the other side will be beneficial but make sure not to place it with the kitchen door.

Because you have limited space, create cabinets under the stove, sink, and chopping space and keep all your required utensils there.

On the other hand, keep space for chopping in the beginning, sink in the middle and stove at the end if you have an L shape kitchen, and place the cabinets below.

Use colors like light yellow, white or off-white to make your kitchen look bigger. You can even use bigger tiles and hang spotlights under the cabinets placed on the upper side of the kitchen.

A lot of use of water and chopping of meats and fish take place in the kitchen, so make sure to have a proper system for the entrance of light and air in it. You can have kitchen hoods and exhaust fans too.

Never place the stove in front of the window rather keep the chopping space there. And if you can have a veranda near the kitchen then you can keep the less needed things there. This would make working in the kitchen much easier.

How to decorate your small kitchen more beautifully? Know some useful tips

Few more tips for your kitchen

– It is better to buy cookeries with longevity rather than buying a total lot of unwanted things.

– Put racks and hang useful things or keep spices in the places which are not being used in the kitchen.

– You will find a lot of much-purpose appliances s in the market. Buy one of those from a good brand and use it for various works.

– As the kitchen gets dirty very fast, clean then regularly from time to time.

– Once used, clean the utensils and keep them in their respective places.

Taking care of the kitchen

Add Savlon to hot water and clean the kitchen at least once every week. Take care of the appliances and utensils. Keep slices of cucumber in a bowl and keep it in the kitchen to drive away the rats and mousse but don’t forget to change it every day. We all use a lot of spices in the kitchen which leave a pungent smell there, so keep a slice of lemon or orange in a bowl and add little water and vinegar to it. Leave it there and the smell nandrolone decanoate cycle length should vanish. You can use bay leaf or even cardamom for the purpose.

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